Chairman - Mr. M Sudharshan Reddy

Mr. M Sudharshan Reddy, the esteemed Chairman and founding member of Sree Krishna Educational Society, Miryalaguda, has been an inspirational figure in the community since 1987. He began his journey in Miryalaguda by venturing into the automobile business, building upon his agricultural upbringing. A post-graduate, he immersed himself in the automobile sector with a vision for progress.  

Driven by an innate desire to enhance education in his hometown, Mr. Reddy delved into the world of Montessori pedagogy after witnessing its positive impact on his own children. Firmly believing in Montessori's child-centric and holistic approach to development, he wholeheartedly embraced these principles. This commitment materialized in the establishment of Samskruthi, a school in Miryalaguda that commenced with Montessori and seamlessly evolved, gaining widespread acceptance in the local rural community. 

As an ICSE & ISC alumni, Mr. Reddy brings a wealth of educational insight to the school, ensuring a robust foundation. Beyond education, he is actively engaged in both the automobile business and agriculture. An avid reader and nature enthusiast, Mr. Reddy actively participates in various environment-friendly activities and programs, embodying a holistic approach to life.

Founder & Director - Ms. M Lakshmi Reddy

Ms. M Lakshmi Reddy, our visionary Founder & Director, traces her Montessori journey back to childhood, ignited by a friend's impressive reading skills. With a degree in Home Science, she officially entered the Montessori world through the AMI Primary Course in 1993. In 2006, with unwavering support from her husband, she founded 'Samskruthi MHOC' in Miryalaguda, a rural town in Telangana. Her wish is to make Montessori accessible to all, with a special focus on rural communities. Her tireless efforts aim to bring the transformative power of Montessori education to every corner of our diverse society. In 2015 she started a second school, Prakruthi Montessori House of Children in Kondapur, Hyderabad. 

A Montessorian parent herself, Lakshmi's educational journey led to the creation of two thriving Montessori schools, Samskruthi Montessori House of Children, Miryalaguda and Prakruthi Montessori House of Children, Hyderabad. Her passion transcends generations, spanning 40 years, evolving from parent to student to dedicated directress. Her latest endeavour includes pursuing the Adolescent Diploma at Kodaikanal, reflecting her unyielding commitment to guide and nurture children through each developmental plane.  

For Lakshmi, the joy of witnessing children learn and grow remains the driving force, making her an inspiring guide for our Montessori community.